Cultural Visit – Cardiff

Our first task as a course was to explore the city of Cardiff. As I was raised in Swansea, South Wales I was very familiar with the city already. It was extremely interesting to look at Cardiff from a different perspective. Normally just dashing around St.David’s shopping centre or stumbling around the inside of a nightclub, it was satifying to absorb the beauty Cardiff has to offer and explore the different aspects of the city.


First place me and group headed was Cardiff Bay to visit the Millenium Centre. This was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow course mates as rush around looking and pondering over what bus-stop to stand at as we shovelled down out Gregg’s pasties (other pasty shops are available).

The Millenium centre offered a range of visual inspiration to me, uses of unusual shapes to create standard everyday building objects gave the centre a very creative and artsy atmosphere e.g. The door handles (see picture).



Next on our adventure we visit the grand Cardiff Market. After introducing my course mates to their very first Welsh cake we explored up and down the stalls to see what we could find.

The fabric stall instantly attracted me as it was full of colour and pattern. Being a very visually stimulated person it was clear to me that I had to inturperate these beautiful clashes of colour and pattern in my artwork.


My final area I’ve decided to post about wasn’t a particular place but the journey to other areas. I feel as if the arcades in Cardiff don’t get appreciated as much as they should. People rushing from one end to the other or sheltering from the daily pour down of rain. They seem more interested in checking out the reflections of themselves in shop windows rather than the thought and beauty that have gone into deisign these beautiful corridors.


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