Conference Day 1 |Designing sustainable relationships with future generations with objects.

Today, I attended my first ever conference. Before coming to university, I didn’t even know what a conference was, so as you can guess, this was an extremely exciting and intriguing experience for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I was going to learn and gain from this experience, therefore I want to dive into the experience and try get the most out of it.

My first conference talk was titled ‘Designing sustainable relationships with future generations through objects’. I decided to pick this as one of my options because a lot of our brief is based on sustainability and up-cycling and I realised that I don’t know much about these things on an art and design basis.
Overall throughout this talk, we explored relationships with actual objects that play a part in our everyday lives e.g. phones, toasters, chairs and how we create relationships with these objects and heavily rely on these objects. Are these products sustainable?

“Designing a product is like designing a relationship” – Steve Rogers. This quote stuck in my head after the conference, as I have never thought about what I’m designing from this aspect. I’ve always thought about how attractive I can make whatever I’m designing not how this is going to relate and help a person. This quote has given me fresh way of approaching my designing and may affect me in a very positive way.

Another section of the conference, was discussing if these relationships we create with these objects are sustainable. My discussion group was full of people in my textile class and we are all very interested in fashion, so we mainly focused on the relationships we build with clothes and the whole problem of ‘throw away fashion’ which the complete opposite to sustainability. Why is ‘throw away fashion’ a thing?

“I do not need a drill, I need a hole in the wall” I think is a fantastic quote and represented the whole conference perfectly. It suggests that we don’t need to build most of the relationships with objects as we actually do, and that we rely far too much on an unsustainable way of living.

This first conference was a fantastic introduction to the World of conferences to me, and I was extremely lucky to get my first choice talk and it has inspired me greatly to research further into sustainable relationships and has given me a fresh aspect on starting a project.


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