Adobe Photoshop – Session 1.

Today was our first ever digital session. I was very excited to dive into the World of digital design as I had dipped into it throughout my Graphic Communication A level. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to learn Photoshop at a higher skill level.

The first thing we learned was that Photoshop is a pixel bases design programme (little squares of colour that build up a bigger image/design). This programme will be great for image merging and editing such as; mood boards, colour boards and customer boards. The main con to Photoshop is that as it is pixel based, the quality of the image deteriorates as it is made larger and larger.

Another important thing that I’ve learned through this session is the various colour settings, what they stand for and why they are used.

  • RBG colour = Red, Green and Blue. This is light generated through the computer screen which means the lights (colours) are directed straight into the eye.
  • CYMK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This is light that reflected into the eye.

The first tasks we complete were the very basics such as; creating basic shapes, filling in colour, adding extra shapes and taking shapes away while the selection lines were still running.

PS session 1, P1.png

An interesting thing that I learned today was that I could see and un-see individual layers at any time by clicking the ‘eye’ button on and off next door to the tab of the layers.

PS session 1, P2.png

As well as learning the basic such as creating and filling shapes. We also began to edit these shapes using the ‘fx’ tab. Adding effects such as; bevel and emboss, drop shadows and colour over lays.

PS session 1, P3.png

Finally we learned to duplicate selected layers by grouping them and dragging them into the ‘duplicate layers’ tab. This means I can now create repeat patterns inside Photoshop which is very exciting. I am very intrigued to see what else I will learning over the next couple of weeks and broadening my digital design knowledge.

PS session 1, P4.png


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