Design Concepts.

I am now developing a collection of various design concepts, using inspiration from my mood board and own photographs as well as colour swatches from my colour palette. I’ve selected a few of my favourites to display.

Here is a selection of illustrator developed concepts. I have zoomed into a section of one of my own photographs to make abstract shapes, and have drawn around them using different strokes in illustrator. I have used all my colour swatches to fill in the shapes as well as inspiration from the denim piece in my colour board by adding these random strikes of colour onto the denim piece.

I wanted to move on and experiment with more realistic and detailed concepts, here i have sketched a picture out that I took from my own photographs. Using image trace and layering on illustrator I created this concept of a denim jacket which I absolutely love. I love how you can see every little detail of my sketch, in this cartoon like way.

I then developed this further by adding brightly coloured paint sketches to the image. These colours were taken from my colour swatches and arranged in a way to represent the stitches of the denim jacket. I like how this adds an extra layer to the image as well as injecting some colour.

Developing this concept even further, I have experimented in creating this repeat pattern where I arrange the image in various places. I want to experiment a lot more with this technique by making more interesting and eye catching repeat patterns.



This is another concept design of my sketched denim jacket which i really like. Adding a roughly sketched block of colour onto the background of my image trace has let me inject even more bright colours into my design which I love. I think this will help my repeat patterns become really bright and stand out. I particularly love how much the bright yellow stitches show up in front of the background colours creating this new abstract shape.




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