Reflective thoughts to my new brief.


My new module (ADZ755) called Making Connections has begun. At first glance, this brief looks very exciting and fully pack with a lot of interesting things to get on with. After a year of learning out to get to grips with reading university level briefs, I was more than pleased to understand the layout of the brief and understand what was expected from me. This made the whole experience a lot exciting and ideas start flourishing in my brain from the offset. Working throughout summer gathering research in the three main areas; fashion textiles, interior and stationery gave me a great head start in which direction I wanted to head in. Fashion textiles in the route for me. Firstly, mainly only researching women’s fashion, I was intrigued but something just didn’t feel right. I have always been very interested in menswear and the surrounding aspect. Moving onto researching various menswear site, my creative juices started pumping. Menswear fashion is the route I want to take. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed researching into stationery, for an area that had never stood out to me, I was excited by what patterns I was finding and the broad designs of products that were available. I have also enjoyed gaining more knowledge in the World of designers, particularly sticking to the same design influence up until now, I was very excited to discover new areas I had never seen or been inspired from before. I am amazed by the diversity I have come across in pattern. I am very excited to delve further into my research and proceed with the brief. I am very excited to get on with the practical making to. Roll on year 2!