Final Pecha Kucha Presentation.

For the fourth deliverable for this deadline, I had to create a Pecha Kucha Presentation based upon the previous companies I have researched. I must include the main three companies I had research, one form each area (fashion textiles, interior, stationery).

These consisted of:

  • Element (fashion textile); my chosen company to create my brief on.
  • Urban Outfitters (interior)
  • Ohh Deer (stationery)

A Pecha Kucha presentation is a PowerPoint that consists of mainly images and very few words or phrases. This must be neat, uniformed and each slide should last 20 seconds. The entire PowerPoint consist of 20 slides to lasts 6 minutes and 40 second

Here is a link to my PowerPoint point:


I am very pleased with the overall presentation I have completed, I think it all very uniformed and the slides run smoothly throughout the presentation, and I have included all the valid images to back up the points I wanted to make when presenting.


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