Mood Boards.


Another deliverable for our brief was to create four various mood boards that inspired and explained each part of my brief. I had to create; a theme board, a colour board, a client profile board as well as a company profile board. These are all based around the hypothetical commission brief that I previously wrote around the skate wear brand Element.

A theme board portrays the general feel of the project and which direction the project is heading. I have title ‘d my them board ‘Sea Creatures’ as this is my main inspiration behind the designs I eventually want to make. By adding my own sketches onto the board, I can give off a better indication of which route I will be taking with my illustrations.theme-board(Theme board)

 A colour board is quite self-explanatory; it shows what colours I plan on using throughout this project. I concluded using these colours by first researching through WGSN (a colour prediction database) into what colours will be popular in S/S 2018 for men. Following on from researching these, I chose which selection of colours suited my theme and theme board the most. I do love how these blues complement each other while this bright orange colour I have chosen completely contrasts them all, I think I can have great fun combining them all together when designing.
(Colour board)

client profile board explains who my target market is. This board helps to build up a profile of who will want to buy these designs. My target audience is a young, trendy and active male between the ages of 18-23. These is why I have included images such as skateboards, camping and BMX’s.
(Client board)

company profile board explains where else would my target audience shop and who my competitors are.
(Company profile board)

Overall, I think all my mood boards complement each other and are obviously within the same theme/target audience. I used a white background to keep my mood boards looking fresh and clean, also as my pictures don’t hold too much bright colours, I think a white background helps them to stand out a lot more. I do like the fact that I chose to hand make these board over digitally making them as I could play around with my positioning before sticking theme down, and I could add my own sketches on some of the boards. If I were to improve my mood boards further, I would consider digitally editing some of the photos enhancing them before printing them out and sticking them down.


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