Virtual Collaboration: Session 1.

Today I attended my first field choice which is called ‘Virtual Collaboration around the World’ this module is held by John Counsell. The title ‘Virtual Collaboration’ excites me as I have never experienced anything like this before. This year I am trying to get to grips experiencing new aspects of the web and how I can collaborate it with my textile work; this field option seemed perfect for me. Within the morning session, we had a run through of our brief and what was expected from us. I was very intrigued to find out that we will be collaborating with The British University of Egypt. 


I don’t know anything about Egypt, but I have heard it is a very interesting place full of culture. I need to do some research about who and where I am collaborating with. Our project has been split into two main sections, throughout our first section I will be acting as a virtual guide to my virtual buddy, by assigning them a brief and supporting them throughout their work on this brief. I am quite apprehensive about this part of the project as I have never supported someone through a project before, it is normally the other way around. I am going to give my all throughout this so we can both benefit and I am excited to learn some new skills from this. The second section of the brief, I will be supported with a brief from my virtual buddy and they will support me, I am excited to come to this as I love responding to a brief and I am excited to learn a new way of working from a different country and culture. Throughout this whole project I will be using Trello as a means of connection and collaboration, this acts as a virtual pin board.

After a slow start of grouping the entire class into groups of three that contained various subject areas, the afternoon was very interesting. Grouped with an illustration student, we will complete this project together. We proceeded by discussing further about who we are collaborating with. Beginning by viewing and discussing the webpage for the British University of Egypt, and discovering the pupils we will be collaborating with are studying architectural engineering. I discovered that this degree is a lot broader in Egypt as it is in the UK, as they experiment a lot more with drawing and design which is very exciting.

To progress further with my project, I now need to research further into Egypt and its culture/day to day life so I am not completely blind going into this project, Furthermore I will research into previous textile based collaboration that happen across the World virtually. I will complete all of this while considering sustainable and ecological designs.


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