Digital Stitch Session 1.

Today was a very exciting session. I attended my very first digital stitch session with Maggie (Stitch Technician). Having practised machine stitching techniques (free machine embroidery) for the last couple of years, it was very exciting to venture into a brand-new aspect of stitch. At first, seeing the big digital stitch machine and the new software was quite daunting. I was soon put to ease as Maggie explained the software and what we needed to do step by step. The first thing we learned was how to fill a section using the digital stitch software.

 Digital stitch fill techniques:

  • Weave fill (red leaf in top left-hand corner). – This is the most basic fill type that we learned today. This type of fill/stitch works best on medium to large areas.
  • Reshape- Use the reshape tool to refine any mistakes or misshaped shapes. Press the spacebar to switch points between curves and corners.
  • Satin Fill (slim leaf in bottom left-hand corner)– A smoother finish than weave fill, most suitable for small and/or narrow areas.  Always set stitch direction to go across the narrowest part.
  • Turning angle fill (Pink flower like shape in the middle)- used where the stitch changes direction in one object.  Great for creating natural effects on flowers, animals, people, clothing.


Digital stitch line techniques:

  • Single line (dog’s hair) – a single fine line of stitch
  • Stem-stitch Line- An offset zig-zag
  • Triple line – heavier than a single line, giving an hand stitched effect
  • Motif Line- A row of motifs (pre-set or your own design) most suitable for straight lines or gentle curves.  Check size of motif for suitability
  • Satin Line- A more solid line, can vary the width up to about 10mm
  • Using turning angle fill to create lines of varying width (swirly question mark shape)

Line stitch tech pic.png

Overall I found this session interesting, it was great to learn so much in one session.  I am now going to progress by creating my own sketches and drawings, I can transfer into the software and stitch my own designs. I am excited to us the single draw and the motif line to produce my sea creature sketches.



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