Digital Stitch Session 2.

Today was my second session in the digital stitch room. After missing last week because I was unwell, I was raring to go this morning. Finally, my time had come to get my hands on the digital stitch machine. Firstly, before designing my stitch design, I decided to get to know the machine I was using. After sussing out the various digitised parts, it was a relief to discover that in fact this machine was very like a standard sewing machine I have used previously.

I chose to recreated this stencil drawing that I had created the previous week in my specialised techniques lesson with Helen. I chose this drawing as I thought it would be a simple starting point for me as I had never created my own design on the digital stitch software before. I could use a simple parallel weave fill for the larger parts of the turtle’s body contrasting with a satin fill for the smaller scales on the face and eyes.


As my drawing was created using watercolours in a stippling technique, to mimic this using stitch, I decided to remove the underlay stitch and spread the stitches further away from each other to create this looser, more free looking stitch. I was in a daze watching the machine work its magic. It was a surprise to me how simple the software and machine was to use. I felt silly for being so apprehensive before using it now. The machine worked very quickly and estimated my designed to be completed in only 12 minutes

The only thing that needed to be done manually was changing the colour of the thread. The machine automatically stopped and alerted me when this needed to be done. As it was my first digital stitch design, I was advised to stick to two colours so I wouldn’t get confused, which was probably for the best as this was all brand new to me. I chose to use this soft blue tone as I thought it represented my theme and colours boards very well. Contrasting with this, I chose to use a black to complete the turtle’s eyes. I felt the need to use a different colour for the eyes as it pulled the whole design together and made the turtle stencil come alive. After the design is complete


This is my final design; I am very pleased with the outcome. After a very successful first attempt, I have gained confidence using this software and I am excited to experiment further. Throughout my next session, I want to create a more intricate design using a lot more various stitches and techniques. After more practise I hope to create a collection of sew on/iron on embroidery badges for my menswear collection I will eventually be designing.



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