Bristol Aquarium Visit.

Today I visited Bristol Aquarium for some inspiration around my theme and some primary resources for me to complete some new drawings and mark making. There was a ban on flash photography throughout the aquarium which was a bit of a pain for me as I then had to use my phone instead of my camera to take photos as my camera had a problem with focussing in the dim light with the fish quickly swimming around. My phone captured the pictures a lot more quickly than my camera, although I am still disappointed with how low the resolution came out when I transferred them onto my laptop. I am very glad to have some photos to work with currently and I need to get my thinking cap on to consider other ways of capturing some better imagery. As you can imagine, with a theme of ‘sea creatures’ it is quite difficult to gather some primary resources so I thought an aquarium was my best bet. On a very positive note, this visit inspired me greatly as I got to see the motion of the creatures as they glided around the water. It was fascinating to see these creatures in moving life rather than just on a computer screen. It has given me great ideas in relation to mark making and what special designer techniques I can try out or develop further with.

These two images are my favourite images of my whole visit. These jellyfish were magnificent to look at in moving life, the way their body swayed around as they bobbed around the water. I want to consider a way of really capturing this movement in my designs. Possible to use of a wet on wet technique (watercolours) to create an atmosphere of water moving around the jellyfish make work well.

These are some of the photographs that inspired me throughout my visit, I want to experiment with mark making and drawing involving these images. I could use a variety of techniques to create these experiments such as; stencils, splattering/stippling techniques, bleach effect, use of a ruling pen, sketching and illustrative drawings. I have also purchased a lino cutting tool and some lino to experiment with. I have got some vague experience with this but I think it will suit my theme and my idea for designs very well.

Here are some more of the photographs that I captured throughout my visit:


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