Development: special techniques

I thoroughly enjoyed creating images using stencils during the special techniques session. I decided to experiment with more sea creatures. Creating this lobster design inspired from my Bristol aquarium visit, it was nice to create a more challenging stencil. Now I was more confident in making stencil, I am confident in adding curved lines and cut outs which were a lot closer together. Using the orange inspired colour from my colour palette, I painted over the stencil using gouache paints. I love the intriguing shapes I created in this stencil and I think it will look good when layered on top of other stencil designs.


I wanted to experiment with scale when creating stencils too. This was a lot more challenging than I first anticipated. Here I have created small squid inspired creatures to use when layering up.


As stencils gave me clean cut shapes most of the time, I wanted to experiment with a more unpredictable approach. To create more abstract and interesting shapes I have experimented with potato stamping. I do want to experiment using lino and mono printing at some point too, so this was a starting point. I am pleased with how these have turned out and it was a nice way to create layering which I am interested in. I think to refine this idea I need to consider mono printing more as clean cut lines is an important part throughout my hypothetical design commission brief.

As previously mentioned, clean cut illustrations are a big part of my brief, I have experimented previously creating these illustrations using pencil and black ink pen. I found this to be too flat looking for my liking. I did like the control but I was considering using something more interesting and unpredictable. I have experimented using a ruling pen. This is basically a paint brush that is used like a pen. It was very unpredictable at the start. It was hard to control the thickness of lines and drops of paint falling everywhere, but after practise I thought this tool was amazing. I loved the different thicknesses that could be created and the fluidity of the drawing was really good. This flowing feel to the illustration also emphasises my water theme very well.


In my previous special techniques blog, I experimented with adding illustrations on top of my stencils using black ink pen, as previously mentioned this looking flat to, I decided to experiment with the ruling pen on top of my stencils to create the lines illustrations. I loved this effect and I think the lines created with the ruling pen as edge and live to the piece. I am going to practise further with a ruling pen to gain more control when using it so I can create my intricate designs.



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