Object- initial thoughts and feelings.



The second field module I’ve been placed to study is called ‘Object’ held by Craig Thomas. He hasn’t given much way in what I need to expect from this module. This intrigues me and get my imaginative juices flowing into what weird and wonderful things I will be doing in the weeks to come. The one thing we are told before the project starts is to decide on a number objects to bring with us to the first session. We are also told if we are in doubt to bring wild and interesting things. These objects can be made from any material and can be any style, so the start of this project is down to me. I want to choose a variety of items, some that have a lot of meaning to me while others that I don’t not know much about that intrigue and inspire me. I have not yet decided on what items to take, I wont to have a rummage around my house, charity shops and the outside World for some inspiration I can use.

I initially was drawn to the cover photo of Object (displayed below) which after research I discovered it was piece from Tim Walker (a British photographer who regularly shoots for Vogue) who I am quite familiar to. The discovery of this excites me and ensured me that my choice to study this project was the right one for me. In relation to Tim Walker’s extravagant and wacky photographs I knew I was in for an inspiring and fun time throughout this project which is exactly what I am looking for. I am excited to loosen up and become more free throughout this project and try something I’ve never done before,


My final object display can be installed either inside or out CSAD and I must photograph these to a professional standard.


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