Object- Session 1

Today was my first day of my new project object. I was feeling very excited but anxious at the same time as I was entering the project with a group of people that I have never met before. I do enjoy meeting and working with new people throughout CSAD as I discover new thoughts and ideas from other fields that I would never considered by sitting comfortably in my textile studio, so I had to bare this is mind so my anxiety of being on my own didn’t take over.

I previously discuss that I was asked to take several objects with me, these are the 3 objects I decided to take along:


I decided to take these particular objects with me as they are all completely different from one another; the metal cup has a lot of sentimental value to me and has visited many places (camping, travelling, festivals) with me, the alarm clock has no sentimental value to me but I react to it every day (waking up) and it effects my life on day to day basis, the jar is a standard object in everyone’s lives but has a different use for each individual person.

Throughout today we discussed the timetable, brief and what was expected from us to succeed in this project. Introducing us to this project we were given the essence of this project which was:

  • Objects are omnipresent, they permeate and invade our world, where we live, work, rest and play.
  • Objects have particular properties, characters and meanings, and we continually relate and respond to them bother physically and mentally.
  • Artists, Designers and Craftspeople should be masters of object display.

This suggested to me that I will be getting to know my objects a lot and more closely than I normally would. I want to look at how people accept/react to my chose objects, also how these objects effect my own life. It will be interesting working with and displaying pre-made objects rather than my own creations like I normally do.

Throughout the afternoon, we were shown a load of pictures from various spaces and Artists for inspirations. I write down a few slides that inspired me. These were:

  • Mercat Del Encants (Great flea Market), Barcelona
  • Louise Bourgeois gallery ‘Tate Modern Switch House
  • Sandy Skoglund ‘Revenge of the Goldfish’ 1981
  • Tim Walker ‘Lindsey Wixon’ 2011
  • Chiharu Shiota ‘The Key in the Hand’ Venice Art Biennale 2015
  • Yayoi Kusama ‘All the eternal love I have for the pumpkins’ 2016
  • Brian Jungen ‘Cetology’ Vancouver Art Gallery 2002

To complete the day, we separated off into groups of 4 and as a group created mind maps all about some of the objects we all chose. To make us think and discover new things about these objects. I will now go on to consider what I want to gain from this project, mind map some more on my own in my sketch book and decide which direction I want to take with this project and why.


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