Project Plan: What to consider..

As this is quite a short project to complete, I knew I had to be organised and concise with everything I was completing. I sat down and created a page in my sketch book on things I need to consider. This placed my head in the right thought track and put in to perspective how much I had to complete in such a short space of time (5 weeks). These are all questions I’ve gathered from previous discussion within my field group and what I felt I needed to consider in my personal project.

What is my message/story?

  • Everything has a story and can be sentimental to someone in some way
  • Even objects that are thrown away/broken down hold memories and have value to someone.
  • We should consider preserving items and memories.

What are my intentions?

  • Lay a pile of broken/worn/smashed costume jewellery (bough from charity shops/thrown away) on the floor/table area
  • Hang my sentimental pieces “climbing’ out of the pile of broken jewellery, unbroken and hanging from fishing wire

What will be acceptable and why?

  • I’d like to experiment with touch (moving around and picking up of broken pieces)
  • Sharpness/small pieces through people fingers.


  • Somewhere I can hang from inside
  • All white area – stands out more and captures more attention
  • Next to rubbish bins- represent story more- make people think more
  • Industrial area- big contrast with dainty jewellery and adds an eerie atmosphere


  • Maybe a low plinth/floor – people have to kneel down to feel objects, more connection, relates to rubbish but still separates from it, greater length to hang objects from
  • Possible higher plinth with hanging objects at eye level


  • Experimentation needed
  • Shining light through jewellery to reflect shapes
  • Maybe spotlights shining down/from underneath
  • Possible viewers creating light- torches/phone lights

Artists who inspire me?

  • Louise Bourgeois – Suspension
  • Yoyoi Kusama – Chandelier of greif
  • Menashe Kadishman – Fallen leaves
  • Antony Gormley
  • Tim Walker
  • Chiaru Shiata – The key to my hand.



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