Object Field by Jonathan Clarkson.

Object field lectured by Jonathan Clarkson was the first of two lectures he presented to us yesterday. To begin this lecture he proposed three points:

  1. An object is not me
  1. An object is unknowable
  1. I am an object (in a world of objects)

I was confused at first as point 1 and 2 are contradictory, he explained his points with the back-ups of artists work which was very interesting.

An object is not me
It was explained this point suggested that objects can be something that are beyond our control. Some will not always do what we intend them to do and this can annoy us and act as a resist. This was portrayed through David Nash’s Cracking Box (1990).


It was then explained that this point can actually be a relief to us, for example amongst fantasy art. The thought that something can turn into anything. This was portrayed through Salvador Dali’s Premonition of Civil War (1936).


An object is unknowable
The thought that was raised is that perception is always partial. We never perceive the whole object and we never perceive the same object in quite the same way as someone else. This was portrayed by these two pieces completed at the same time by different artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, La Grenouillere, 1869 (on the left) and Claude Monet, La Grenouillere, 1869 (on the right)


This gave me an idea that it may be a good idea if me and another person within my group draw my object at the same time. This would show me the different perceptions that exist amongst my object and how it is portrayed to different people.

Another thought that was raised under this section was that we never complete understand an object as we cannot physically see all of it. Even the dullest of objects such as a rock is a mystery. We cannot completely see inside it, or underneath it below the ground.

I am an object (in a world of objects)
This point raises the question of what actually identifies an object as an object. Sometime a person can feel like they are being looked at or watched which gives the sense that we are an object. Is it possible to distinguish between an object and the place where it is?

Overall, I learned a lot from this lecture, it also gave me a lot more to consider in regards to my object display. I never realised so much thought could go into one object, it has pushed me to get to know my object a lot more and what it means to me and the World, even though I will never fully understand my object. I now need to consider which way I want to portray my objects story is throughout a display.


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