Object- Session 2.

After a number on mind maps and a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to use a completely new object for this project. My favourite object from last week was my metal travel mug. This item had a lot of sentimental value to me, I found this was getting in the way of my creative thoughts as I was reluctant to take criticism and other thoughts on my object. My ability to think from another person’s aspect was blurred by this. I still wanted to use an object that I knew the story of and had some sentimental value to someone as I thought I could portray a stronger story and message from an object by knowing its background. This meant even more rummaging around my house. Until I came across this interesting tin, that I had completely forgot about until discovering it from under my bed. A beautiful tin full of my Grandmother’s old costume jewellery from the late 1950’s. So many beautiful colours run within this time, all slightly worn away, some even broken. I thought this was the perfect objects to use to tell a story.

My and my tin made our way to the next session of this project. Yesterday morning, as a big group we all sat around and discussed the objects we had chosen. Taking it in turns we gave each other our views, thoughts and ideas on our object. I found this extremely helpful because it was nice to compare and contrast the range of things we had all brought it. It was also a confidence boost to see how others reacted to my objects and how they also found them interesting. This discussion raised a massive list of thoughts to consider that I wrote down. These were;

  • Other people’s points of view
  • What my intentions are
  • What is acceptable and what isn’t in displays (touch, smell, looking)
  • Lighting effects
  • Past and present combined
  • Objects in places they shouldn’t be
  • Taking objects apart
  • Re-imagine an object
  • Interactive objects

Moving forward from this discussion, I am going to take into considering and answer a lot of these questions that were raised in relation to my object to help decided a solid path for my project. I can then run with the idea and created sketches, drawing and displays within this idea.


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