Closer Look at my Sentimental Jewellery

As my tin was bursting with pieces, I took a close look and sieve through and chose my favourite pieces. These were pieces that caught my eye the most and ones I knew the background stories behind the most, after previous being told many from my grandmother.

Created little quick sketches of these, this helped me to get to know the shapes including throughout the pieces as well as how they hung and felt as I hung them in my fingers. Also, holding these pieces up to the sunlight, I could see how they caught they light and each reflected it differently.

I now feel a lot more confident in how these pieces of jewellery feel and properties they have and portray. My next step is to experiment with hanging them So I can get the shapes I want to create captured perfectly.


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First every blog!! I want to explore and share my experience of my BA in textiles.

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