Frame Ideas

Now I have the definite idea of hanging my sentimental jewellery with clear fishing line from the ceiling. I need to consider what I can I physically hang them from.  This is not a piece from my installation that I want any focus on. I want to enforce the illusion of my jewellery “climbing” up from the pile below, because of this I need to create something I can hide or that blends in to the background and location. Here and my first thoughts and consideration on each frame idea I created.

Metal Frame



  • Easy to measure size and location of hanging jewellery
  • Will it be stable?
  • What size squares?
  • Preferably smaller squares so can pieces can hang closer together and there are more squares to experiment with
  • Will it need a frame?

Chicken Wire Grid



  • Oval shaped holes- can help with placement of pieces
  • Cheap and easy to get hold of
  • Easy to mould into shapes
  • Will it stay flat?
  • Hard to shape into a square frame-would need an outside frame

Metal Frame


  • Matches frame work along walls and ceilings in un
  • Matches metal grid
  • Where to get hold of metal piping to create frame?
  • Holds shape well/very presice
  • How to shape frame?
  • May attract attention to grid

Wooden Frame


  • Holds shape of wire well
  • Easy to get hold of
  • Easy to build
  • Wood doesn’t match wire/metal grid
  • Stands out a lot, may distract from hanging piece.

Following these consideration, I went exploring around university to see what I could find and use for this idea. I was very lucky and found the perfect frame to create my grid. This squared metal wire, has small squares and can be easily moulded so, will be easy to flatten and measure in my grids size once decided. I will use this grid in my final piece, I couldn’t have found anything better.



On my journey, I also found a possible metal pole that could be used as an outer frame. This was left over from the builders when they art block was done over so it matches perfectly to the poling around the walls and ceiling of university.


Knowing nothing about how to mould metal, I then took my pole on a visit to Dallas in the metal workshop. He suggestion several ways I to mould my pole in my frame such as bending the metal and cutting it to size then welding it back together. I now need to consider if to use this pole as an outer frame and if so how I am going to mould it into shape.

I can now sketch up and idea of how and where I want to hang my jewellery as I know how I am hanging them.



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