Reflection of my summative submission.

Since my last formative feedback point, I have been super motivated regarding my work. The last hurdle was upon me and I was ready to smash it. After gaining so much knowledge throughout my time completing the buddy system, I could put all of this to the test. My 3rd year buddy Holly, has been very helpful and has motivated me greatly. Keeping in contact, I have turned to her with any queries I have had. It has been a great and inspiring opportunity, to see into the future and grasp what is expected from me throughout my last year at CSAD.

Replying to my formative feedback, I have refined all my final designs, and sent several to be digitally printed on to fabric. I have also taken great care in choosing what fabric (jersey and cotton) and what weight of fabric was best to use. I found this very rewarding as my designs have come out very vibrant, with the perfect colours. Furthermore, using realistic fabrics has brought my design into the real world. Being able to feel them against my skin and stretch and pull them, has projected how they would look when finally made into garments.

One big aspect I took from viewing the 3rd year degree show, was how professional and refined everyone’s collections were. This forced me to sit myself down and practise mounting my work. This is a very big week point for myself, and although it took hours to perfect, I am so glad I took the time to perfect my mounting of samples, as the overall finish really made my collection shine. I was shocked, how much more professional my collection appeared after more attention to detail was given in this aspect.

Another point inspired from the 3rd year degree show, was really making the collection mine, and adding a personal touch to it all. I decided to create my own logo and collection name to place at the top of my collection. I chose not to include my own name in this logo design, as my target audience are young males, and ‘Emily Sophia’ can portray a feminine sense to the collection which I did not want. After hours of market research, I decided to name my collection ‘Rock Cod designs’ and the rest followed through. Hand illustrating my favourite picture of a Rock Cod that I came across and digitally developing it further. I am glad I decided to make this logo as I think it add a professional as well as personal touch to my work. I think it ties all my designs together and portrays my colour palette to everyone clearly.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and have learned so much. I have discovered and decided on a definite route to take my practise- menswear fashion textiles. I am happy to have found an area that I am very passionate about and that inspires me every day.


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First every blog!! I want to explore and share my experience of my BA in textiles.

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