Design Concepts.

I am now developing a collection of various design concepts, using inspiration from my mood board and own photographs as well as colour swatches from my colour palette. I’ve selected a few of my favourites to display.

Here is a selection of illustrator developed concepts. I have zoomed into a section of one of my own photographs to make abstract shapes, and have drawn around them using different strokes in illustrator. I have used all my colour swatches to fill in the shapes as well as inspiration from the denim piece in my colour board by adding these random strikes of colour onto the denim piece.

I wanted to move on and experiment with more realistic and detailed concepts, here i have sketched a picture out that I took from my own photographs. Using image trace and layering on illustrator I created this concept of a denim jacket which I absolutely love. I love how you can see every little detail of my sketch, in this cartoon like way.

I then developed this further by adding brightly coloured paint sketches to the image. These colours were taken from my colour swatches and arranged in a way to represent the stitches of the denim jacket. I like how this adds an extra layer to the image as well as injecting some colour.

Developing this concept even further, I have experimented in creating this repeat pattern where I arrange the image in various places. I want to experiment a lot more with this technique by making more interesting and eye catching repeat patterns.



This is another concept design of my sketched denim jacket which i really like. Adding a roughly sketched block of colour onto the background of my image trace has let me inject even more bright colours into my design which I love. I think this will help my repeat patterns become really bright and stand out. I particularly love how much the bright yellow stitches show up in front of the background colours creating this new abstract shape.




Own Photographs.


I wanted to make my concepts personal to myself, for this reason I have photographed my closest friends wearing a variety of my denim clothing items. I made sure these were all quite edgy and grungy photographs to correspond with my theme of ‘Urban Beat’. I thoroughly enjoyed taking these photographs, and also made the progress of them very entertaining as I knew the people behind the concepts. This is collection of my favorite photos from the bunch I took.


These are my chosen three images that I will progress further into my concept design:

Colour and Mood Boards.

To begin the main aspect of my digital module I was asked to create a mood and colour board. I began by using techniques I already had knowledge of such as varying the layers, cutting and cropping images as resizing. I have gathered a number of images from the web and mainly Pintrest that inspire and relate to my theme of ‘Urban Beat’. I then narrowed them down specifically to my favourite and most inspiring imaged to create this mood board.

mood board.png


I am very pleased with this mood board and I think it reflects my theme really well. I have included a lot of denim and fashion based pictures as I really want to focus my project of urban fashion.  As denim is really big and upcoming material in the urban fashion at the minute, I thought this would be a great area to focus my attention too.

colour board

Following on from my mood board, I have created a colour board. I have used my main three favourite images to create this board and selected the colours that stand out the most to me to create a colour palette for my theme.  I love how bright and vibrant these colour swatches are, I also love how some complement each other very well such as the yellow and orange while other contrast with each other very well for variation such as the red and blue. I will proceed with these colour swatches by using them within my concepts and final designs.

Denim Deconstruction.


We have been briefed this week with a short two week project, this means it will be very fast paced and experimental. Instructed to bring in one pair of denim jeans, we were then let lose to deconstruct the jeans anyway we wanted to get to know the material and really understand how it works. I was super excited about ripping, cutting and unpicking my jeans apart as denim is my absolute favorite fabrics and I had never even considered taking denim pieces apart to get to know this material.


I had no clue what to make with my denim jeans to begin with, I wanted the jean to inspire me and lend themselves to a particular object I could work with.

As I am very passionate about up-cycling, I wanted use this as starting point for this project and preoduce a fashion garment. Another aspect I want to follow is having my final piece to resemble this pair of jeans in some way. This has me leaning towards making some sort of top that still has the main areas of my jeans to resemble them. I will keep you updated with my ideas and what I finally decide to do.

David Hiett from Hiut Denim.

“Interesting things happen when you do interesting things”

hiutt denim website.png

To end our amazing couple of days filled with various conferences, we had a very special guest speaker come to one of the main lecture theatres. David Hiett from Hiut Denim came up from a small town in Wales called Cardigan. As I am from not too far from Cardigan, I was already aware of the huge history in denim the place held, but it was interested to learn a lot more about it, and Hiett’s thoughts and feelings towards the denim trade in Wales.

I found Hiett’s passion about his company extremely inspiring as well as his thoughts about creating a relationship with his product. Hiut Denim will be the first jean company in the world to have a History Tag. This means each pair of jeans is personal to the owner and they can upload memories and pictures online to this specific history tag. As an extremely big lover of denim myself, I have so much love for this idea. As throw away fashion is such a massive and still growing problem in our society, I think this a great idea and opportunity to influence people to create relationships and memories with their clothing items, not just throw them away when they’re bored of them.

Doing one thing well.png

After researching into the Huit Denim website, I came across a quote that really made me think about my own branding and direction I want to take in the textile world – “The things that define you are not just the things that you do, but the things you say no to. Saying no is focus. We only make jeans. We say no to anything else. Be narrow. Be good.” I love how Hiett pushes all of his passion and thoughts into jeans. This is what he loves and inspires me to concentrate on the things I love doing in textiles rather than the things I don’t like.