Reflective blog- Formative Assessment Point.

Throughout the first stages of my project I found researching into the variety of companies an interesting experience. I have always been fashion textiles driven, so it was motivating researching into aspects I had not yet considered such as; stationery. I also found myself drawn into researching marketing values from each company such as their environmental ethics and how they publish their brand out into the world via social media, blogs and advertising. I found creating my Pecha Kucha presentation helpful in choosing what path I want to take as I could look at each element (stationery, fashion textile and interior) in depth and chose which one was right for me. I decided to go with my heart and stick with fashion textiles. Deciding to go with something I’ve always wanted to explore, I chose Element as my final company; a skate and surf brand. I will be focussing my designs around menswear, particularly young active males between the ages of 17 and 25. I was excited to dive into this although I was a little wary as I need to do a lot of research in regards to my target audience as I have never designed anything for a male before. The first lesson on colour theory is when I began to flourish in this project, I have never learned anything about colour previously besides the little self-taught knowledge through experimenting. I decided to re-create my colour palette and revisit a variety of studio design techniques such as; stencils, splattering, stippling and the ruling pen. I want to carry on refining these even further than I have and make my drawing style perfect for my target audience and company to help and inspire me when it comes to the designing aspect of my brief.